live feed

Nom: Benoît Labourdette
Twitter: @benoit_l
Lieu (Pays/Ville): La Varenne / France
Brève description du film: Le jour le plus court !!
Heure de tournage: 16h40


Name: Dan Wagner
Location (Country/City): West Auckland, New Zealand
Twitter: @e_merging
Live film description:Given the right conditions (weather and the moods of young children), you will be watching a live close viewing of faces gazing at the Solstice sunset over the beautiful Waitakere mountain range, as the Earth changes its axial direction and begins tipping back the other way.
If the conditions aren’t so right, you will be watching a live improvised piano performance to the Solstice, played by yours truly.
Streaming: 8pm West Auckland time; 8am Paris time